Zoey Deutch On Her New “Cozy” Movie and Aspirations In Fashion

The actress stars in Coach’s new holiday campaign.

Zoey Deutch Coach Holiday Campaign 2022

Anton Gottlob

Zoey Deutch has been busy lately. After launching two successful films, Not Okay and The Outfit, earlier this year, the actress is gearing up for yet another release on December 9.

"It will make you feel so cozy and good," she tells InStyle over a Zoom call. That's because Prime Video's Something from Tiffany's, produced by Reese Witherspoon, is a New York City-based holiday romcom costarring Kendrick Sampson that has all the feelings that come with the genre. It's romantic, light, and, yes, cozy. 

The vibes are pretty fitting, considering that Deutch's other big project this season is starring in Coach's new holiday campaign “Feel the Wonder.” In the images shot and directed by Anton Gottlob, Deutch poses in front of wrapped presents and holiday decor wearing layered looks. One features a brown sweater underneath a sherpa zip-up jacket, paired with a Coach logo emblazoned bucket hat and a heart-shaped cross-body bag. In another image, she wears a black leather jacket, a different heart-shaped purse, and tall socks and loafers. Like the film, it's a romantic and playful version of everything you’d think about for the holiday season.  

Zoey Deutch Coach Holiday Campaign 2022

Anton Gottlob

"We shot it when it was approximately the hottest day in recorded history," Deutch says with a laugh. Still, she loved the looks because they are mostly transitional pieces. A blue velvet babydoll dress, in particular, was her favorite. "Because I grew up in Los Angeles, I don't dress seasonally appropriately at all. It doesn't even cross my mind. I just wear whatever I want in the morning. So I would wear that dress in the summer, in the fall, in the winter, in the spring." 

She goes on to explain that beyond the heat, the day of the shoot was an especially big deal for her. She was going to be on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon that evening.

"I felt like I was in a movie version of what it's like to be [an actress]," she says. It certainly looked like it too. That night, she wore a stunning mini-dress with five-inch crystal stilettos

Zoey Deutch - Jimmy Fallon

Getty Images

It makes sense that fashion is important for Deutch, whether it's dressing for herself or working with costume designers on her characters; clothing tells an important story and isn’t just replaceable in the next season. It's also why she says she loves working with legacy brands because she can see the history in each piece.

"I had aspirations always of becoming an actress and a designer," she explains. "One of my favorite pastimes growing up was when my sister, my mom, and I would go vintage shopping. We would go to flea markets, and we would go to estate sales and just dig for hours." 

Zoey Deutch Coach Holiday Campaign 2022

Anton Gottlob

Of course, her dreams of acting came true at a very young age, but she has yet to do any designing.

"I get to collaborate with such cool artists and designers, and I get to use my brain in that way with them and executed by people who are much smarter and experienced than I," she says, joking that maybe the design "itch" had been proverbially scratched through her work with brands like Coach. "But you never know down the road what would happen." 

Coach’s new holiday collection is now available on coach.com.

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