Zendaya Matched Her Cropped Cardigan to the Desert Landscape

Dune, but make it fashion.

Even when she's not stunning on the red carpet or catching the light in a magazine spread, Zendaya knows exactly how to pose for a photo. While mere mortals merely attempt to post flattering photos on Instagram, Zendaya proved that even the simplest post can be a full-on photo shoot. Her latest showcases that posing prowess and a simple cardigan that was unbuttoned to show a swathe of skin. While not everyone has the opportunity to match their clothes to a postcard-ready desert backdrop, the fact that Zendaya does is just one more indication that she's a pro (and has a little more access to things like picturesque getaways than the rest of us).

zendaya Valentino Fashion Show 2022

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Presented without a caption, the photo shows Zendaya posing with her hair (in her natural voluminous curls) blowing across her face. Sandy dunes glow in the sunlight behind her and she's wearing a neutral-colored cardigan that echoes the barren desert landscape. There's also no indication of exactly which desert she's in, but DigitalSpy notes that Dune: Part 2 started production earlier this year with location shoots set in "Budapest, Abu Dhabi, Jordan, and Italy." Earlier this week, Zendaya shared a snapshot from Abu Dhabi.

Zendaya's co-star Timothee Chalamet spoke to Variety about working with her and their other cast mate Florence Pugh, who he worked with on Little WomenPugh has already finished filming her scenes for the Dune sequel.

“Florence is really special,” he said. “She’s an incredible actor. She was incredible in Dune — seriously incredible. She brought a gravitas to the role. And I can’t believe my good fortune at this young age ... between Taylor Russell in Bones and All and Zendaya in Dune.”

“She hasn’t wrapped yet, and it’s amazing,” Chalamet said of Zendaya. “She’s bringing exactly what she brought to the first one — which was incredible — but in greater abundance. And she’s really become a sister. I’m so grateful to count her as a partner and a sister and a friend, and also to share stories about how amazing it is to work with Luca [Guadagnino], because we worked with him back to back on wildly different projects.”

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