Bella Hadid Keeps Wearing the Hair Accessory You Probably Owned In Middle School, and It’s Only $12 at Amazon

We’re back in our chunky headband era.

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Bella Hadid is Bringing Back This Middle School Accessory — and It's Only $12 on Amazon

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Whether you love it or hate it, the resurgence of 2000s style is officially here. This year, we’ve already embraced the rise of Uggs and return of cargo pants, and don’t even get me started on the whole dresses-over-jeans situation. Celebrities are flaunting their fashion allegiance to the Y2K era, and I thought we’d seen it all — that is, until Bella Hadid started wearing everyone’s favorite middle school hair accessory: the thick, cotton headband. If you actually clean out your closet (unlike me) and don’t have the nostalgic accessory on hand anymore, don’t fear — Amazon's best-selling pack of headbands is just $12 for 14 pieces. 

Bella Hadid is Bringing Back This Middle School Accessory — and It's Only $12 on Amazon

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Admittedly, this trend took some time to get used to again, but alas, Bella knows what she’s doing. She’s taken the off-duty trend to her Instagram a number of times over the past few weeks, from her Kin Euphorics events to her beachy getaways. Bella’s proving that headbands can actually look really chic, and maybe our middle school outfits weren’t so bad after all. 

Zapire 14pcs Mixed Colors Yoga Sports Headbands


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When it comes to recreating this supermodel-approved look, Amazon shoppers love the Zapire headband set, according to its 2,145 five-star ratings. Marked at less than a dollar apiece, the headbands are made of soft and stretchy elastic material. The 14-count pack comes with a range of colors, making them the perfect accessory “to match a variety of outfits,” said one shopper. 

After reading the positive reviews, it’s no secret why this set is a leading best-seller. One reviewer described the headbands as “lightweight and comfortable”. Another shopper praised its high-quality material and “great price,” adding that “they don’t hurt” or cause uncomfortable “pressure [on] your head” like tighter styles often do. Instead, they fit “snuggly,” confirmed a different reviewer. 

Whether you’re styling thick headbands to join in on the Y2K aesthetic or tame a bad hair day, you won’t regret shopping this pick. One Amazon reviewer who does HIIT workouts said these headbands “do the trick” when it comes to pulling their hair back. Another added that they’re a “must-have” for keeping “eyes clear of sweat” while working out.

Regardless of whether you’re hitting the gym or channeling 2000s fashion icons, treat yourself to these nostalgic, comfortable, and affordable $12 headbands. If only your middle school self could see you now.

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