The "Wixie" Is the Low-Maintenance Short Haircut You're About to See Everywhere

Meet the pixie trend that's taking over.

The "Wixie" Is This Season's Hottest Haircut

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It's no secret — or shock really — that short hair is on everyone's minds. All our favorite celebs are going shorter in length, and all our socials are flooded with new bobs and pixies just in time for the warmer weather. There seems to be no better example of this than the cut that has captured imaginations at the moment: the wixie.

Described as the "winged pixie," the wixie hits that sweet spot between a pixie and a short shag cut. "Essentially, the wixie is what we used to call the shaggy pixie," says celebrity stylist and Dyson ambassador Matthew Collins. "The main difference is [the wixie] has more edge than the pixie with more softness and chunky texture. [It is] often paired with more length in the nape of the neck."

Andrew Fitzsimons, celebrity hairstylist and founder of Andrew Fitzsimons haircare, agrees and adds it can also be paired with shorter bangs. So who can wear this cut, how do you style it, and how can you ask for one? The experts have got your questions covered. See what they had to say below.

Who Is This Cut For?

The short answer to this is technically everyone. But Collins does say that those with coily curls or very fine straight hair might find it tricky to style and get those wispy, winged pieces. But that's nothing that a few styling products can't fix.

How Do You Style A Wixie?

If you do have fine hair, Collins suggests using a volume mouse to give your strands some grit and texture (also, avoid using too much conditioner as it can weigh your hair down). After drying it, he says to use something like the Dyson Corrale to flip the ends to give them that wispy bend. Those with coily curls, on the other hand, will want to smooth out their hair and add a glossy paste to get definition. Other than that, you can mostly just let your wixie hair dry and add some paste for separation. Fitzsimons likes using a texture spray, like his Apres Sexe Texture Spray, to add touchable hold to hair.

Collins adds that a wixie is less upkeep than a normal pixie. "A pixie is more of a precise haircut, so [it] needs almost monthly maintenance," he says. "The wixie will grow out well, and you could do two to three months [between cuts]."

How Do You Ask Your Stylist for a Wixie?

Collins suggests bringing in photos to give your stylist a visual of what you're going for and just to be safe. "Your stylist will know how to perform this cut, but they just may know it by a different name, he says. "Haircuts used to be named by the stylists themselves but it seems now these fun new names are named and made viral by the consumer."

You'll want to ask for a deep-cut choppy texture added to a pixie, keeping lots of soft texture around the perimeter. But again, bringing in a photo is the foolproof way to get you the pixie cut of your dreams.

With all that in mind, if you're looking for photo inspiration for your next salon appointment, keep scrolling. We've rounded up six ways to wear the wixie cut.

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Romantic Details

The "Wixie" Is This Season's Hottest Haircut

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One of the easiest ways to style a "wixie cut" is with a ribbon. Take a cue from Rowan Blanchard and dress it up with a blue ribbon as a headband for a romantic touch.

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'20s Flapper

The "Wixie" Is This Season's Hottest Haircut

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The wixie was made for the flapper era. Be inspired by those classic flapper waves and style your wixie layers in curled wavy patterns with a slick finish.

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Wet Hair

The "Wixie" Is This Season's Hottest Haircut

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Wet hair will never go out of style. Grab your go-to hair oil or serum to give your wixie a cool, edgy look.

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Long Layers

The "Wixie" Is This Season's Hottest Haircut

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Keep your wixie long and swept to the side to frame your face to give your wixie cut some depth.

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Soft Waves

The "Wixie" Is This Season's Hottest Haircut

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Play up those layers and add volume with soft waves for a callback to Old Hollywood glam. It makes for the perfect night-out look.

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Winged Mullet

The "Wixie" Is This Season's Hottest Haircut

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This transition period between the pixie and the mullet makes for the perfect wixie. The layers with the ends slightly bent adds definition to the entire cut.

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