The Pop Culture Witch That Matches Your Zodiac Sign’s Fashion Aesthetic

Are you a Glinda or a Morticia?

Witch Aesthetic According to Zodiac Sign

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When defining and describing the characteristics of any witch from film or television, one of the most important elements is their wardrobe. A person can tell a lot about the nature of a sorceress just from their aesthetic. For instance, Glinda, the Good Witch from The Wizard of Oz, appears in a pink cloud of taffeta and offers unconditional love. Alternatively, the witchy vixen Angelique from Dark Shadows dresses in a slinky red sequin dress to seduce her crush.

As it turns out, the outfits of some of the most iconic pop culture witches align perfectly with the personality traits of each zodiac sign. And, understanding which witchy vibe works best for you, according to the stars, will not only help you on Halloween but all year round, 


Angelique Bouchard from Dark Shadows 

Angelique Bouchard from Dark Shadows

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The saucy and spirited mix of clothing worn by Angelique will motivate Aries to upgrade their wardrobe. Both Angelique and Aries are hot-tempered, fierce, and passionate, thus igniting their desire to wear fiery-colored clothing that radiates sensuality and oozes power. Both also love the thrill of the chase, and their wardrobes represent the need to win, conquer, and bend the will of others.


Myrtle Snow from American Horror Story

Due to their indulgent nature, Tauruses enjoy wearing high fashion 24/7 and who can blame them? After all, no one else works harder to afford their Christian Louboutins. Much like Myrtle Snow, Tauruses aren’t shy in letting everyone know that Balenciaga is their favorite designer. Their sense of style (which is plucked right off the runway) is their most valuable commodity — after magic, that is.


Louise Miller from Teen Witch

The Pop Culture Witch That Matches Your Zodiac Sign’s Fashion Aesthetic


Geminis dress more for comfort than style, although they are quite aware of what is trending on the Internet. Just like Louise Miller, they’ll opt for a versatile denim coat with a short skirt that can be worn all year round. Plus, they'll have a pair of sneakers on in case they have to run to another appointment (since both Louise and Geminis are always on the move). 


Fairy Godmother from 1997's Cinderella

The Pop Culture Witch That Matches Your Zodiac Sign’s Fashion Aesthetic

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This movie, which stars Whitney Houston, arguably offers the most fashionable take on fairy godmothers. In the past, they were mostly depicted as being frumpy, but the singer brought her star power and that includes her fairy wardrobe. Although the fairy godmother’s ball gown isn’t puffy like fairy godmothers of the past, it radiates an amazing luminescence and glow that can empower any moonchild. It is practical and fashionable, which is what Cancers like to wear.  


Mrs. Who from A Wrinkle in Time

Mrs. Who dresses in luxurious fabrics full of texture and fit for a Queen. Being that Leo is the most regal sign, the style of Mrs. Who can easily work for the lion. Plus, her huge spectacles (AKA glasses) are an accessory that will be a must-have for Leo, as they tend to be drawn to dramatic frills and accessories that elevate their outfits.


Gillian Owens from Practical Magic 

Witch Aesthetic

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In true Mercurial fashion, Gillian (Nicole Kidman) has two sides to her personality as well as her fashion choice. Her adventurous side leans toward short velvet dresses, tube tops, and wrap skirts, while her more demure looks are composed of flowy floral dresses and cottagecore pieces. Like Gillian, Virgos enjoy changing up their outfits depending on their moods, yet they always look gorgeous no matter the aesthetic they're feeling that day.


Rochelle Zimmerman from The Craft 

Witch Aesthetic According to Zodiac Sign

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The '90s aesthetic comes to life through Rochelle’s wardrobe. Her chokers, suspenders, and plaid skirts alone are enough to inspire anyone watching the film to level up their attire — but they'll surely convince Libras to revisit their closet. Rochelle rocked that school uniform (which is still in fashion and the envy of every schoolcore fan) and in true Libra fashion, made millions of witchy students want to steal her cool-girl style.


Morticia Addams from The Addams Family

Witch Aesthetic by Zodiac Sign

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Scorpios are drawn to darker, ravenous colors because it is a form of magical protection. Being that they are the most transformative, intuitive, and witchiest zodiac sign, they require a little help from their wardrobe to maintain a clean and clear aura. No one knows this more than Morticia Addams, who only wears black — even in spring and summer — and never ever dresses in pastels.


Endora from Bewitched

Witch Aesthetic by Zodiac Sign

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Endora wears over-the-top vibrant psychedelic prints in bright hues, which totally aligns with Sag’s personal love of color. This witch takes risks when it comes to fashion and so does this fire sign. Endora is living her best life in flowing outfits, jewel necklaces, and lots of purple, which is the archer’s signature color, since it magically represents abundance, luck, and prosperity. 


Prudence Blackwood from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

The Pop Culture Witch That Matches Your Zodiac Sign’s Fashion Aesthetic


Prudence’s baby doll dresses may seem prim and proper at first, but they have an edgier feel to them with their gothic collars and lace sleeves — a style that any Capricorn can get with. When Prudence dresses up in ball gowns for devilish nights, she prefers a more sophisticated and earthy style that showcases the chic, elegant, effortless vibe that all Capricorns aim to have.


Elaine from The Love Witch 

 The Love Witch


Aquarians like to wear vintage clothing because they can take anything old and revamp it into something modern. Plus, their acute desire for social justice will urge them to shop sustainably. Luckily, that’s Elaine’s total vibe (she wants justice in matters of love). All of her looks are '60s-chic, complete with matching shoes, bags, hats, and her unique style of makeup. 


Glinda from The Wizard of Oz

Witch Aesthetic by Zodiac Sign

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Like Pisces, Glinda literally lives in her own bubble, which means that she can use her imagination to style her own clothes. With her glittery crown, a perfectly tailored pink dress with embroidered sequin details, matching fairy wings, and a wand, Glinda is the ultimate Pisces. Her beautifully crafted clothes are beyond ethereal and on brand with the mystical fish.

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