Why Netflix Still Hasn't Renewed 'Wednesday' for Season 2

There's a lot of drama happening behind the scenes.

It was tough to avoid Netflix's Wednesday as 2022 came to a close. There was a viral TikTok dance set to a Lady Gaga remix, there were Wednesday memes and, of course, Jenna Ortega's signature deadpan delivery made the rounds on late-night TV. However, Netflix still hasn't renewed the show for a sophomore season, even though it managed to become one of the most-streamed shows on the platform, ever. There's one major reason why there has been a dearth of news about the hit show — and it comes down to behind-the-scenes business dealings, of course.

Netflix Wednesday

Courtesy Netflix

Netflix airs Wednesday, but it's actually produced by MGM. Alfred Gough and Miles Millar’s Wednesday uses characters from MGM-owned The Addam's Family, which just got sold to Amazon. In an interview with Buffering, Peter Friedlander, Netflix’s head of U.S.-based scripted series, said he was "optimistic" about a renewal, but couldn't give any concrete answers as to when one would happen.

There were rumors that the show could move to MGM+ or Prime Video, but Vulture notes that it's probably unlikely. The Amazon and MGM deal happened after Wednesday's production, so Netflix has the upper hand. "Even though MGM has been restructured into Amazon Studios, under Jen Salke, no one expects that to derail future seasons” of Wednesday, Deadline reported. Nobody knows what could happen in the future — and many point to Disney+ getting shows like Daredevil and Jessica Jones — but insiders say that Netflix should have a five- or 10-year deal to hang onto Wednesday.

As for what's taking so long for Netflix to commit to a second season, sources close to the streamer say that it's not unusual for the company to take its time when it comes to breaking big news (see: Bridgerton and Dahmer). It can take months for the company to share any news about a renewal and audiences are generally impatient when it comes to wanting more of their favorite shows. 

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