Amazon's Best-Selling $7 Detangling Brush Is So Good, I Convinced My Entire Family to Buy It

There’s no breakage in sight.

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Wet Brush Amazon Sale

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A not-so-fun fact: When waterlogged, hair strands can swell, stretch, and break more easily than dry hair. Ergo, sopping, freshly washed strands require delicate care — despite the natural inclination to rip through tangles as quickly as possible. Luckily, Wet Brush has created a gentler alternative — which is on a limited-time sale, with up to 47 percent off its 20 plus color options.  

The Wet Brush is an ultra-gentle brush designed to detangle wet hair sans tugging, pulling, or tearing. Its super-flexible plastic bristles facilitate a smooth, seamless, and pain-free brushing experience for all hair types and textures.  

Wet-Brush Detangler Hair Brush Detangling


Shop now: $7 (Originally $13); 

I first tried the Wet Brush five years ago after a friend suggested it for my long, tangle-prone tresses. I fell in love immediately: The bendy bristles glided through my hair with unprecedented ease, leaving it knot-free within seconds. Three years later, I’ve bleached my own hair — numerous times — and Wet Brush proved particularly practical for my strength-sapped strands. While most brushes felt too harsh for my fragile hair state, the Wet Brush babied my bleached, breakage-prone tresses. I’ve since returned to my natural hue and restored much of my hair’s health, but I continue to keep the Wet Brush in my daily rotation. 

As its name implies, the Wet Brush is designed for use on wet hair; that said, it’s equally fantastic for dry hair — particularly hair that’s thinning or prone to shedding and breaking — given its gentle nature. In fact, the brush is so delicate, I introduced it to my parents — both of whom deal with a mix of these issues — as well as my sister. My entire family has been hooked on Wet Brushes since, having purchased numerous in a rainbow of hues. My dad, whose interest in beauty products is otherwise nonexistent, is especially fond of his “only brush that doesn’t pull out hair.” If his goes missing, he’ll pace around the house, knocking on everyone’s bedroom door until it’s returned. (Admittedly, I’m typically the culprit; I tend to eschew the essentials when I pack for a trip home.)

My family and I are among thousands of shoppers who adore Wet Brush (including Jennifer Aniston, who uses the brand’s Pro Flex Dry Brush). Unsurprisingly, the brand is a number one best-seller on Amazon, boasting an impressive 4.8-star rating overall and a smattering of sunny reviews from over 45,000 customers. One shopper, who calls it the “best brush,” has purchased three over the past decade. “Multiple hair stylists have told me that this is the best brush to use on wet hair,” they say, “as it won't rip your hair as much.” Another shopper, who has waist-long hair, says they were “astonished at how truly painless and easy [it is] to use.” 

If you’re interested in a comfortable, tear-free hair brush that skates through slick strands in seconds, the Wet Brush is certainly worth snagging — particularly as it’s on sale for as little as $7.

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