Your Personal Wellness and Beauty Horoscope for 2023

A new year is just around the corner.

Your Personal Wellness + Beauty Horoscope for 2023

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With a new year comes new wellness and beauty routines.

And in 2023, it’s time to step up our self-care routine and implement a regimen that not only helps us to grow with the seasons, but speaks to us on a soulful level. Your personal horoscope can lead you towards understanding and taking on the best endeavor that will boost your spirit, heart, body, and mind at the same time.

The theme of 2023 is radical self-love and acceptance — not just individually, but on a global level. Therefore, it’s important to find a beauty practice that can shift our consciousness and energy into a better place. 

Read on to discover yours.

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Your Personal Wellness + Beauty Horoscope for 2023


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Emotions will be combustible in the beginning of the year, making our hair fried (from the hot-headedness you’re feeling). Take care of your hair this summer, as all eyes will be on you starting on July 17. Also, the Venus Star Point, which occurs during Venus retrograde (July 22  to September 3), on August 13 will call for a hair mask to cool down your sentiments and give your strands some TLC.

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Your Personal Wellness + Beauty Horoscope for 2023


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When Jupiter moves into Taurus on May 10, your skincare regimen should be taken seriously. Syncing up with the moon cycle is a great option for avoiding dry skin. Watch out  for stressful breakouts during the lunar eclipses on May 5 and October 28. The journey to having healthier skin will be long — but Mercury’s backwards spin this spring will help you find a routine that works. New year, new glow! 

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Your Personal Wellness + Beauty Horoscope for 2023

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If you’re not careful, your anxiety will be at a high, due to all the extra work that is landing on your plate from your boss. In order to avoid total burnout during all of Mercury’s moonwalks this year, try to decompress by keeping a Himalayan salt lamp by your desk. Also, take breaks throughout the day to hydrate, meditate, do breath work, and stretch throughout the year to unwind.

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Your Personal Wellness + Beauty Horoscope for 2023

Youth to the People

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It’s time to get deep! Treat yourself throughout the year to facials that detox and exfoliate your skin. If you want to DIY it at home, then use gentle serums. Watch out for tender and tearful moments during this year’s 12 full moons and blue moon. Let it all flow out and don’t hold back the tears. This process will be super restorative and transformative to your skin and well-being.

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Your Personal Wellness + Beauty Horoscope for 2023


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You’re on the search for a unique beauty regimen, and the quest will lead you towards holistic solutions that are tailored to your personal needs. For instance, instead of using a facial roller, you may opt for a crystal charged night cream to wear as a facial mask as you sleep or a back-to-basics avocado mask with a little CBD oil to tighten up and rejuvenate your skin.

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Your Personal Wellness + Beauty Horoscope for 2023

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Take some of the love that you’re giving to others on August 13 and apply it to you. Self-love is the vibe and theme that will consume your heart until May 17, 2023. Use your jade face roller and gua sha stone with rose oil to boost your confidence. Most importantly, to help yourself set and keep boundaries with others (and in everything else you do this year).

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Your Personal Wellness + Beauty Horoscope for 2023

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Ch-ch-changes are headed your way in 2023 The past few years may have taken you far from your goals, but now you’re centering your energies around integrating self-care into your daily routine. This means getting a massage May 17 and August 13. Take a restorative bath or plan a spa day to relax and loosen up during Venus’s backwards journey which begins on July 22 and lasts until September 3.

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Your Personal Wellness + Beauty Horoscope for 2023


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You may feel as though others aren’t noticing or giving you lots of attention. Therefore, it’s time to make a big statement on May 5 and October 28. Change your hair color and style to flaunt your haute style and get compliments. We’re thinking early aughts chunky highlights or a vibrant color to help cool down your temper during the last days of Mars retrograde which ends on January 12.

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Your Personal Wellness + Beauty Horoscope for 2023


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Let’s get physical in 2023, Sagittarius! Pilates, barre class, or walking outside will help you align your body and spirit together. Committing to a class or strolling around your local neighborhood will relieve the stresses building up within your mind on May 17. If you keep this up through the summer and fall, you’ll feel clearer minded and calmer this year — making you more confident as you enter 2024.

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Your Personal Wellness + Beauty Horoscope for 2023

Pat McGrath

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It’s been a while since you’ve tried a new lip color or eyeshadow, Capricorn. Fortunately, 2023 inspires you to take bold creative leaps in the makeup choices you opt to wear. When your planetary ruler, Saturn, enters visionary Pisces on March 7, you’ll toss out your basic red lipstick and replace it with a sensual plum. Instead of your tried and true thin black eyeliner, you’ll dare to go smoky.

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Your Personal Wellness + Beauty Horoscope for 2023


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The year urges you to embrace an old family skincare routine that’s been handed down from generation-to-generation and now to you. Although it will be hard to keep your amazing family secret on the DL, you’ll use it to help and heal yourself and others on August 13 during the celebrated Venus Star Point. Also, to achieve flawless skin throughout Venus’s backwards journey from July 22 to September 3. Perfection!

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Your Personal Wellness + Beauty Horoscope for 2023

Rituel De Fille

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This new year will urge you to embrace your glamorous side. People will be drawn to your magnetism and allure throughout the year, with their affection and admiration for you growing stronger from your red pucker. On April 11, lucky Jupiter and the Sun link up, allowing others to find you enchanting. Post DIY makeup routines on social media to show your fans, friends, and family how to rock different looks you like.

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