Love and cherish, you can stay.

By Carson Blackwelder
Updated Aug 22, 2016 @ 1:15 pm
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It's 2016 and women will "obey" whomever they want, thank you very much. According to a new survey, a significant portion of people questioned support nixing the word from traditional wedding ceremonies altogether—especially (and understandably) women.

The poll, conducted by YouGov, surveyed 1,000 U.S. over the age of 18 about wedding customs and one of the most interesting takeaways is when they were asked about the part of Christian services and the wedding vows in which the woman promises "to love, cherish, and obey."

Men, by the way, promise to "love, cherish, and worship" in response.

Of the 1,000 folks asked, 49 percent wanted the obedience pledge dropped while 33 percent wanted it preserved and 17 percent were unsure.

When examining this in more depth, responses by just women indicate that 61 percent wanted the phrase removed while 24 percent wanted to keep it and 15 percent weren't sure.

Pulling religion into the mix, it was only those who considered religion "very important" that voted to preserve the tradition, while those who called it "somewhat important," "not too important," or "not at all important," had more people voting to have it dropped.

Traditions that a majority of people did vote to keep are the groom having a best man, the bride throwing her bouquet, the father of the bride giving her away, the bride taking her husband's last name, the groom asking permission from the bride's father, and the bride and groom not seeing each other before the wedding.

The only tradition that scored even lower than "obey"? The bride's family paying for the wedding. And we couldn't agree more! In fact, it's on our list of traditions you no longer have to follow.