Here's What Happens When You Wear a Wedding Dress on the First Date

Here comes the bride—kinda!

Bride First Date
Photo: Rick Rowell/ABC via Getty Images

There's fear of commitment....and then there's these guys. Laura Bubble, a British YouTuber, just accomplished one of the best pranks ever by wearing a wedding dress—veil and bouquet included!—on first dates with unsuspecting guys and you'll just have to see it to believe it.

Bubble experienced a more exaggerated version of the horror stories most people have experienced on first dates: the date who pretends to not be the person you're supposed to be meeting (even though they are), the date who immediately tells you they don't want to continue the evening, the date who does a U-turn upon seeing you, and the date that gets up and leaves while you're in the bathroom after an emergency call to their friends.

Yep, these all happened in the seven-minute video—and then some. You can see relief wash over the faces of those who managed to stick around until the end for the big reveal. Most seemed to be good sports about the whole thing, but probably just because they realized they were on camera. Seriously, these guys had no chill at all!

It turns out there was a reason for all of these antics, after all—besides scaring the life out of these men. Bubble did this to help raise money for the campaign Stand up to Cancer, so watch this video many times, share with your friends, and continue to LOL at the awkwardness.

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