Confirmed: It's totally possible to marry your Twitter crush!

By Carson Blackwelder
Updated Jul 26, 2016 @ 1:00 pm
Credit: VictoriaOB_/Twitter

Way back in November 2012, a woman named Victoria Carlin tweeted that she was in love with the person behind a London bookstore's Twitter account. Time warp four years later and now she's married that person, a man named Jonathan O'Brien.

"I think it was probably wine that inspired that," Victoria told People about going out on a limb and professing her admiration for an anonymous person, not knowing if it was a man, woman, team, or agency. "Maybe prosecco. I genuinely didn't think [anyone] would read it."

After tying the knot, Victoria took to Twitter to let the world know about the couple's happy ending. The internet, of course, has shown the lovebirds an "unbelievable" response.

Jonathan admitted that this wasn't his first marriage proposal while running the Waterstones bookshop on Oxford Street's social media account but, lucky for Victoria, he responded to all of those with stock responses.

Perhaps what set Victoria over the top with Jonathan was how she took things into her own hands and made quite the impression on him with, what else, food.

"I had a spare few hours, I knew where the donut store was, so I grabbed a box and stormed into the bookstore," Victoria said, recalling how she'd seen Jonathan tweet about craving donuts. "I ran upstairs, waited in line, and presented the box to a very shocked Jonathan, all the adrenaline fell out of me and I mumbled, 'Errr, here you go…' Then pretty much ran away!"

Jonathan thanked Victoria for the treat and later asked her out on what ended up being an "absolutely fantastic" first date.

The rest, as they say, is history.

With Victoria and Jonathan's love story making worldwide news, the person running the same bibliophile Twitter account is ready to find their soulmate — no matter what the cost.

Good luck!