This Bride Honored Her African Heritage in the Best Possible Way

South Africa Wedding Lead
Photo: Getty Images

There is no better way to customize your wedding outfit than to incorporate something truly personal in it. And one bride showed us all exactly how it's done.

Meet 25-year-old Nosipho Miya Leiva whose wedding day look has gone viral for all the right reasons. When Leiva, who was born in South Africa but lives in California, tied the knot she made sure the design of her wedding gown reflected her African origins. The result is nothing short of breathtaking.

Designed by Zambian designer Rina Chunga, the dress had a tulle skirt and a corset in a colorful West African print called Ankara. Instead of a veil, Leiva went for a matching head wrap making this look the perfect marriage (pun intended) between tradition and modernity.

And her reception dress did not disappoint either:

Talking about wedding dress #goals!

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