This Woman Redefines What a Disney Princess Actually Is

A new kind of #RelationshipGoals.

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Brooke Lowry is the Disney Princess we never knew we needed—the one who will ensure a happy ending even without Prince Charming coming along for the ride.

Lowry thought she'd found her forever love and they'd scheduled an engagement photoshoot to document their fairytale-like romance at Disneyland. But, just three weeks before stepping in front of the camera, she found herself single. Instead of canceling, Lowry did something very brave: she showed up on her own and went through with the session.

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"It was a bittersweet day. What was supposed to be engagement photos turned out to be a solo session because of unforeseen circumstances," Lowry tells Huffington Post. "The shoot was already confirmed past cancellation, and the dresses carefully chosen and tailored, so I decided to show up anyways hoping to one day look back on the pictures knowing they marked the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new adventure."

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Lowry admits that she was "feeling vulnerable and self conscious" that morning but that all changed when, much to her surprise, some of the park's guests asked which princess she was. While she doesn't have an animated movie (yet), Lowry looks up to the Disney Princesses.

Woman's Solo Wedding Shoot - Embed
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"These remarkable female characters are put in extreme circumstances, but still display qualities that we all have—strength, beauty, compassion, and courage," she explained. "I felt uneasy, but I also felt empowered. I thought of the Disney Princess commercial that used the quote, 'I am brave even when I am scared.' I wanted to document this massive transition in my life. It was definitely a milestone, just not the one I thought it was going to be."

While Lowry doesn't know exactly what the next chapter holds, it sounds like she'll be focusing on who really matters going forward: herself.

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