The wedding planning process is a stressful one. It’s hard enough to juggle the opinions of your family, bridesmaids, and your fiancé—never mind actually get the party planned.

Luckily, no matter how stressful it gets, it’s probably not as bad as the epic battle that happens between Liv (Kate Hudson) and Emma (Anne Hathaway) in Bride Wars. And unless you’ve left your fiancé at the altar four times (and counting!), you probably have it a little easier than Maggie Carpenter (Julia Roberts) in Runaway Bride.

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So which movie bride do you have the most in common with? Take the quiz below to find out your spirit animal when it comes to walking down the aisle.

Which Movie Bride Are You?

Liv (Kate Hudson) in Bride Wars

You've been dreaming about this day since you were a little girl, and you're not going to let anything (or anyone) get in your way. You won't let a single detail go unnoticed, and your wedding is sure to be stunning.

Maggie Carpenter (Julia Roberts) in Runaway Bride

It's taken you a while to figure out what you want, but in the end, your wedding will be perfectly unique—just the way you like it.

Toula Portokalos (Nia Vardalos) in My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Your family might a little too involved in the wedding planning, but you can't let that put a damper on your big day. Make sure you're getting the wedding you want, and not just doing what your crazy aunt thinks is best.

Lillian (Maya Rudolph) in Bridesmaids

You're lucky to have a great group of ladies that are helping you out along every step of the way. Just make sure you're getting the wedding you want, not the one your bridesmaids think you should have.

Melanie Smooter (Reese Witherspoon) in Sweet Home Alabama

You might be feeling a bit of the pre-wedding jitters, but not to worry—that's totally normal. Stick to an intimate and romantic wedding and make sure to include your fiancé in the planning process.

Are you using a wedding planner?

Where are you getting married?

How many bridesmaids do you have?

How are you wearing your hair?

What does your dress look like?

Your dress alterations came back and it’s still too long. Who do you complain to?

How big is your reception?

Your caterer cancels at the last minute. You:

Where is your honeymoon?