This Is the One Thing Your Wedding Guests Actually Care About, New Study Finds

wedding guests
Photo: Lauren Spinelli

While the main purpose of weddings is to celebrate a couple's nuptials, it is also often planned with the guests in mind. And that doesn't come cheap. We spend tens of thousands of dollars on flowers, decor, and a multi-course meal in order to provide our guests with an enjoyable experience—but how much of it do they really care about?

This is the question that a recent survey by WeddingWire finally gave an answer to, and the results may make you want to call your flower vendor and ask for cheaper blooms immediately. Why? Because when it comes to your most special day, 60 percent of those surveyed said they pay the most attention to the bride’s dress during the ceremony. Flowers are actually among the least noticeable decor items at the reception. The first one, as you might imagine, is food.

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The bride's entrance and the couple's vows rank second and third on the list of most popular events at a wedding. The survey also looked at the biggest pet peeves that guests have: drunk people, not knowing anyone at the wedding, and bad music or a sub-par DJ hold the first three spots.

Speaking of not knowing anyone, apparently single guests are least likely to "find joy in celebrating the happy couple," and that's why offering a plus one to your friends who are not in a relationship is an appreciated move.

Surprisingly, the survey found, there are regional differences when it comes to guest preferences. Southerners, for example, are more excited about meeting new people at a wedding than guests from any other region are.

After all, charm and kindness are essential elements of southern hospitality.

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