5 Wedding Trends That Should Never Go Out of Style

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Nowadays, we desperately try to personalize every aspect of weddings—from the dress and fragrance we wear on our big day to the decor and wedding favors our guests leave with. And this, of course, is a good thing. A wedding, even if it's attended by hundreds of people, remains one of the most personal events in everyone's life and should be tailored to the couple's preferences.

As a consequence, in pursuit of this "uniqueness" we come up with new ways to celebrate our love and marriage, and we follow the latest trends while often foregoing centuries-old traditions.

But the truth is that, while some established wedding practices may disappear completely in the future (and given their history, they probably should), others are not going anywhere. Whether it's decor, beauty, or fashion, here are five traditions that, according to wedding pros, have stood the test of time and that we'll keep seeing over and over again.

1. Personalized vows

"This should never go out of style. It makes the ceremony so much more intimate and special for everyone attending." — Jessica Sukert of Jessica Lauren Events.

2. Incorporating cultural and religious traditions

"Traditions such as breaking the glass, the hora and chair dance, or the Hindu seven blessings, something old, something new something borrowed something blue, (ribbons, flowers, jewelry, party accessories all work!) and combining the couple's different religions into one fluid union of love. This can be done in a program left on seats for guests to understand the significance of each moment of the ceremony." — Sari Mintz of ForYourParty.com.

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3. Tulle and lace dresses

"Soft, tulle skirts and lace in bridal attire give a timeless look! While bold bridal fashions can be fun and trendy, choosing something a little more traditional ensures that you won't look back on your wedding album and think, ‘ what was I thinking?!'" — Tyler Speier of Tyler Speier Events.

4. Engraving your wedding band

"Your wedding band is meant to be kept forever, how sweet to have a small reminder from your one and only right there on your finger!” — Amy Santos of Elizabeth Birdsong Photography.

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5. Monograms

"They're unique, charming and classic all at the same time . We love seeing couples use their monogram on various pieces of the wedding decor — from the paper grounds to monogrammed cocktail napkins, drink stirrers, or even on special lighting displays!" — Erica Henriksen of Smock Paper.

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