Like STAT.

By Dobrina Zhekova
Updated Oct 11, 2016 @ 3:30 pm
Blue Vintage Bridesmaid Dress hanging from brass chandelier
Credit: Jessica Carter

We get it—traditions bring a sense of identity, cultural and religious, to any wedding and by following them, you also pay respect to your ancestors who most probably did the same at their wedding. Except that some customs really need to stay in the past either because A) they are outdated or B) plain sexist (we're looking at you "dollar dance").

Seriously, will it really bring you and your significant other bad luck if you spend the night before the wedding together? We think not. And don't get us started on the matching bridesmaids dresses "trend."

Here are the ten wedding traditions that, in our opinion, just need to cease to exist.

1. Asking the bride's father for her hand.

Nothing ruins a family dinner like your boyfriend trying to bring up the subject.

2. Spending the night before the wedding apart.

Sure, you've spent every single day for the past five years together but this *one night* will bring bad luck upon your marriage.

3. Throwing rice at the wedded couple.

Do you know how much the bride spent on hair and makeup?

4. Matching bridesmaids dresses.

"Oh I love how we all look the same," said no bridesmaid ever.

5. Separating the bride and the groom's guests at the ceremony.

Nothing says "We are now one big family" quite like asking everyone to pick a side.

6. The dollar dance.

Oh, of course, let's ante up the glamour factor on this fine event by giving money to the bride to dance with her.

7. Tossing the garter.

Parents must be very proud to see their daughter's new husband stick his head under her dress to remove a piece of lingerie and then throw it at his bachelor friends—all before the eyes of their closest friends and relatives.

8. Having a receiving line.

Making your guests wait in line for half an hour for a chance to say "congratulations" should be a misdemeanor—especially if it's an outdoor wedding in the middle of August.

9. Having a sweetheart table.

Because spending the entire wedding reception with the person you're going to spend the rest of your life with when you haven't seen your college friends in years simply doesn't make any sense.

10. Feeding cake to each other.

To all future grooms: drop a piece of cake on that expensive dress and see what happens.