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If you've ever had to give a speech at a wedding, you already know that it is one of the most nerve–racking experiences ever. Even if you are one of those rare birds who enjoys public speaking (I sincerely envy you), you know that an eloquent delivery only gets the job done halfway. The other half is the speech itself. And writing a perfect wedding toast is an art form that only a few mortals have mastered (and Taylor Swift). Among those few lucky and talented ones are Brooklyn-based writers Marisa Polansky and Kristine Keller who recently launched Speech Tank, a speech writing company that specializes in one-of-a-kind speeches for every occasion you could think of.

After helping countless of their friends, who were asked to be best men or maids of honor, write wedding speeches, Polansky and Keller decided to make a business out of it and that's how Speech Tank was born.

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Both women are master communicators and have the credentials to prove it. Polansky is a published author and an editor while Keller has an M.A. in psychology from New York University where she became proficient in "probing." This is a method of questioning that gets people to tell their stories which, as you may have guessed, is essential to writing a creative and personal speech.

But back to wedding speeches; here's how it all works: The process begins with a free consultation phone call when you will discuss with Polansky and Keller the kind of assistance you may need. It can be anything from creating a speech from scratch to asking them to take a final look at something you've already written. If you are completely speechless, though, (pun intended) then just consider the complete package, which includes a consultation, a draft, and a revision.

"When you’ve got a lifetime of memories with someone, it can be hard to pick your best ones," says Keller. "Speech Tank helps decide what to include and what’s best left on the cutting room floor. If your story doesn’t relate to your theme, cut cut cut. And if you’re sad to see it go, then write it in a card for the bride or groom!"

And Polansky suggests that focusing on what you do best is what makes a memorable wedding toast.

"Consider your strengths as a speech giver. Are you laugh out loud funny? Quick with the pearls of wisdom? A killer story teller? Think about where you excel and head in that direction. A great speech doesn’t have to do it all, it just has to do one thing well—really well.”

Ahh, they make it sound so easy.