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Technology is a funny thing—it is supposed to make our lives easier, but sometimes it just ends up being overwhelming. Take wedding planning, for example. Sure, you no longer need a wedding binder full of handwritten color-coded sheets of paper to keep track of the process. Now, there's an app for everything—and this is where it gets a bit too much. Today, to stay on top of wedding planning means that you are constantly switching between websites (or spreadsheets) to manage either your guest list, registry, or checking off items of your to-do list. Simply put, it's time consuming and confusing.

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And it's exactly this fragmented process which prompted the founders of Zola, the online registry resource, to launch Zola Weddings, a free suite of wedding planning tools that includes a wedding website, customized checklist, guest-list manager, and, of course, registry, all in one place.

To begin, couples can pick from more than thirty gorgeous website designs before following Zola’s step-by-step guide to personalizing their favorite layout with photos, stories, and their wedding details. Guests can then find all the information they need on this site, from the schedule of events and RSVP form, to travel, and activity recommendations, FAQs, and the couple’s registry.

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And speaking of which, you can expect the same registry experience that Zola is known for. It is integrated into your wedding website, which means your guests will no longer be redirected to different online retailers. Purchased gifts are automatically tracked through the guest-list manager, making it easier for you to send thank-you notes.

If you ask us, the guest-list manager is actually the best thing about Zola Weddings, because the tool streamlines one of wedding planning’s most time-consuming tasks—contacting guests. You can now do that directly from the website to request guests’ addresses, address invitations, plus track RSVPs, and gifts in real-time. You can also share important updates with your guests—anything from notifying guests that the hotel block is almost full or it’s time for a group photo at the reception.

Basically, Zola just made it easier for you to enjoy your engagement and not stress out about wedding planning.