Credit: Sol Tamargo

When Peter Rushton and Shahr Nouraini were putting together a wedding registry ahead of their nuptials in Playa del Camer, Mexico, they realized a traditional registry wouldn't make sense to them.

“We don’t need any material things so we thought about the causes that matter to us: animals are a big one," Shahr said.

So the couple contacted a local animal rescue organization and asked them to be part of their wedding registry. What Shahr didn't know was that her husband-to-be together with their wedding photogs from Del Sol Photography, had arranged for a special gift to her.

They brought dogs to the wedding who wore GoPro cameras and filmed the couple's big day from a "dog's eye view."

Credit: Sol Tamargo
Credit: Polly Dawson

“Well, I was in tears. I thought it was the absolute best surprise ever! Our guests absolutely loved the dogs and a few have even said they would like to integrate something similar into their own weddings.” Shahr said.

Trust us the result is absolutely adorable. Check out the video below: