Your wedding is supposed to be the most magical day of your life. You spend most of your life—er, your engagement period—planning the perfect night, dreaming up your fairytale dress and romantic, candle-lit centerpieces. Now imagine having your big day ruined, all because you decided to order a wedding dress online.

That’s what happened to these poor brides, who were duped by shady websites and sent bridal gowns that often looked nothing like they did in the photos. From off materials to totally wacko necklines, it’s safe to say these are a bunch of online shopping #fails.

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For further proof that what you see online can’t always be trusted, take it directly from these poor brides, like this girl who wanted a lace gown, not a button-up shirt-dress hybrid.

Or this bride-to-be, who would prefer that her dress’s seam was inside the dress, instead of smack-dab down the front.

Sadly, many of these brides learned the hard way.

Yeah, you should probably buy your wedding dress in a store.