By Carson Blackwelder
Updated Oct 04, 2016 @ 9:00 am

It’s supposed to be the most romantic day of the year but, it turns out, Valentine’s Day—as well as dates with special number patterns—might just be the worst day of the year to tie the knot.

A new study from the Melbourne Institute titled “Not Your Lucky Day: Romantically and Numerically Special Wedding Date Divorce Risks” warns that the love-focused commercial holiday as well as dates like 9/9/99 and 01/02/03 could spell disaster for your marriage.

Research by economists at the University of Melbourne showed that couples who said “I do” on these gimmicky and cool combination dates were more likely to result in divorce as opposed to those weddings on an average day.

Professor David Ribar and Dr. Jan Kabátek, the conductors of the study, used information about more than one million marriages from "Dutch registries that covered all marriages and divorces in that country between 1999 and 2013."

The results? "By their fifth anniversaries, 11 percent of Valentine’s Day marriages, 10 percent of same-number-date marriages, and eight percent of ordinary-date marriages were estimated to fail," the study found. "By their ninth anniversaries, 21 percent of Valentine’s Day marriages, 19 percent of same-number-date marriages, and 16 percent of ordinary-date marriages were estimated to fail."

“Couples who marry on ordinary dates may be more strongly influenced by characteristics of their relationships and their compatibility than other couples who marry on special dates,” Ribar said.

Kabátek elaborated, stating that those “married on special dates were less alike, in terms of education and ages, than spouses who married on ordinary dates.”

This doesn’t mean that marrying your soulmate on Valentine’s Day or the next interesting date will result in you guys calling it quits, but it may be hard to avoid taking these statistics into account when selecting your wedding date.