Wedding Guest Activities
Credit: Getty Images

Nobody wants their wedding to be a snoozefest, right?! Don't get us wrong, we have nothing against the dinner/dance party program that most weddings follow, but if you really want your reception to be a memorable one, you have to think outside of the box.

And the good news is that nowadays, thanks to technology, you have plenty of fun and cool options to keep your guests entertained until the wee hours of the morning. Just scroll down and pick one (or more) of our favorite interactive activities that are sure to make your wedding one for the books.

1. LifePrint

LifePrint will make your photos come to life! I know, it sounds like something out of the Harry Potter books, but it's true. Here's how it works: select your favorite couples photos or videos from your phone, then print them out using your LifePrint printer. Scatter these pictures throughout your wedding venue at different tables or stations, or pin them to a collage. When your guests hover their phones over the pics—surprise!—they will start moving. Why make your guests sit through a boring slideshow?!

2. Air graffiti wall

Allow your guests to get creative, street art style. Instead of paint, the cans emit an infrared light beam which is converted into a virtual image that appears on the digital wall. This is a way cooler and more creative way to edit and share images on social media from your wedding.

3. Go FlipYourself

No, we're not being inappropriate. Kellee Khalil, founder and CEO of virtual wedding planner app Loverly, says Go FlipYourself is a total departure from the traditional photo booth setup. "You can have guests venture into the open air setup (not the stuffy booth), pretty themselves up with on-hand props (boas, glasses, you name it), and record a 7-second video that then gets processed and cut up into a business card-sized flip book they can take away within two minutes."

4. Participate in a viral Internet challenge

There is no better (or more fun) way to bring everyone at your wedding together than doing the mannequin challenge, for example. "It's a great way for brides/grooms to work with their photographers and involve guests in a special capture of their big day. It's definitely starting to sweep the world of weddings," says Khalil.

5. iPad caricaturist

Consider hiring a professional digital caricaturist to do quick sketches of your guests. It's a lot more fun than having their picture taken. Plus, they can save the caricature on their phones and share it on social media.