4 Ways to Livestream Your Wedding

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As much as your wedding is about celebrating you and your future husband, it is also about your friends and family witnessing your nuptials. Unfortunately, not everyone on your guest list will be able to attend your special day but that doesn't mean they can't see you tie the knot...virtually.

More and more couples are opting for ways to share their big day with friends and family around the world in real time, according to Allison Aronne, wedding producer and partner of Fête NY.

"It's not uncommon for some of the closest guests to be unable to attend due to varying circumstances. ​The livesteam captures such a personal moment and shares it with those nearest to the couple. It also encourages guests who would Face Time from not doing so, making the ceremony feel more intimate," she says.

Here is how to make sure none of your guests misses your I Do's regardless of where they are.

Video livestream: MyStreamingWedding.com

The company offers a complete end-to-end livestreaming service for weddings. They will supply everything needed to capture and broadcast your big day online, including a videographer, professional camcorder, wireless microphone, and portable live-stream equipment.The team also has its own backpack internet device to ensure a fast and robust signal which can be a pain at venues like old churches, beaches, and remote locations.

Their video cameras and broadcast equipment are wireless, battery-powered, and portable, which means that the videographer can freely move as needed to stay out of your guests' line-of-sight. You can also have him/her tag along with you and your husband during your photo shoot or during cocktail hour to make sure the people who are watching do not miss a thing from your wedding. While adding multiple angles to the livestream is possible, it also greatly increases complexity of the broadcast, requires more equipment and a larger crew, and will cost you more.

The company has videographers based in cities across the U.S., as well as many international destinations, so travel fees are minimal.

Price: starts at $2,500 for up to 2 hours of live coverage.

Social Media: Maid of Social

Simply put, Maid of Social will create a complete social media strategy for your wedding by coordinating all social and PR efforts. Using Facebook Live, they will livestream your wedding directly onto your personal Facebook page and work with your photographer to share up-to-the-minute photos and updates throughout your ceremony and reception.

To ensure a larger social media reach, they will also work with all of your vendors in advance — leading up to the wedding day — and coordinate the posts on the actual day. For example, they may get in touch with your wedding dress designer to provide him/her with beautiful wedding day photos to use on his/her social media accounts. Next thing you know, you're a social media celeb.

Price: packages start at $1,500.

Virtual reality: YouVisit Studios

Nothing will make the experience of your wedding feel more real than virtual reality. While YouVisit Studios does offer the possibility of a livestream, let's be honest—can you see your grandma wearing a VR headset for 6 hours?

Instead, consider taking advatange of the company's Experience Builder option which lets you and your guests upload your own 360 videos and photos online and incorporate them into a virtual environment at no cost, and then share this experience with friends and family across the world. Multi-perspective view is possible which means your "audience" can choose to experience your big day from a variety of points.

All of YouVisit’s content is share-able on social media and accessible via a VR headset, mobile device, or desktop computer. Naturally, a headset will offer the most immersive view, but a pair of affordable Google Cardboard will also work.

Price: packages for professionally developed experiences start at $10,000.

DIY: Skype

If there are only a handful of guests not attending your wedding, consider using Skype. Its group video calling option allows for up to 25 people to join the call so it's excellent for a smaller group of people. You can always ask one of your bridesmaids to set up a call and livestream the highlights of your ceremony and reception.

Price: free Skype-to-Skype video and voice calls

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