3 Ways to Incorporate Weed Into Your Wedding

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Earlier this month, Bloomberg reported that cannabis open bars are now an actual thing at weddings. So, if you and your S.O. enjoy the occasional joint and know that most of your friends do as well, why not include weed in your special day?

"There are many ways to incorporate cannabis into your event, from the smoking of cannabis, to a health-conscious vape-only consumption, to the inconspicuous edibles option," says Tomer Grassiany, founder of To Whom It May, a company that produces and delivers cannabis chocolates.

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Courtesy of To Whom It May

But first thing's first: before you even start making plans for weed-infused drinks or dessert, you need to make sure only adults that are 21 or older would participate, as it is illegal for anyone under that age to consume cannabis.

Grassiany also suggests finding a weed-friendly venue (and state) that allows for cannabis consumption.

"To avoid any misunderstanding and last-minute location change, speak to the venue ahead of time, and explain the exact ways you wish to incorporate cannabis into the event," he says.

Now that you have all of these things covered, here are three ways to incorporate weed into your big day:

1. Smoke it

This is the most obvious way that will not cost you a lot of extra cash. Just be mindful of the smell and the fact that not all of your guests will like it.

"Set up a canna tent away from the main festivities for guests that would like to participate. A sign with a green cross can direct guests to the the area. A variety of strains with hand-blown pipes make a great presentation," says Mary Lou Burton of Bravo! Weddings & Events. "The setup can be simple or an elaborate lounge including cafe lights, lounge furniture and a custom cannabis bar."

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Courtesy of GOOD FORTUNE

2. Vape It

"We see cannabis as a way to enhance the evening and keep the guests engaged, rather than disconnected. Some of the best ways to ensure that is by picking Sativa-dominant strains, or ones with a higher CBD content, and using vaporizers instead of burning it, as the effects generally leave you more clear-headed and upbeat," suggests Grassiany.

This option is also better than smoking because you will not have to deal with the strong marijuana smell.

Burton says hiring a professional bud tender from a local dispensary to monitor and provide education is also essential. He or she can educate your guests on safe dosage options and warn of potential dangers of over-consuming weed.

3. Eat It

"Offering cannabis-infused dessert, along with a traditional alternative, is a tasty way to add cannabis into the event without an overpowering smell or obvious presence," adds Burton.

Grassiany suggests going with a low dose option that everyone can enjoy and that will not overwhelm anyone.

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