...despite having been made in freezing cold temperatures.

Iceland proposal
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When it comes to planning a creative marriage proposal some people would go to great lengths, and apparently depths, to make sure their engagement is as memorable as possible. Take Jennifer Don, for example.

She turned her long distance relationship into inspiration for a uber original proposal by asking her boyfriend, Matt, to marry her in the middle of the two continental plates that divide them. It doesn't get more symbollic than that, right?!

Here's how she pulled it off. Jennifer and Matt were supposed to meet in Iceland for what he thought was just a birthday celebration. Their plans included a dive in Thingvellir National Park where the North American and Eurasian continents meet underwater. Oh, and speaking of water—the temperature in Silfra, the rift where they dove, is between 35 and 39 degrees Fahrenheit year round because of the nearby glacier.

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So when Matt took the plunge into the freezing cold water, he had no idea that Jennifer had arranged (with some help from Icelandair) for a whole romantic setup underwater, heart-shaped baloons and all. She even got him a ring that was hidden in a seashell.

Naturally, speaking is not really something you can do when you are several feet below the sea surface, so she used written signs to propose to him. And guess what? He said gestured "yes."

Watch how this dreamy underwater engagement unfolded below:

We wonder if they will go for a nautical theme at their wedding. Congrats, Matt and Jennifer!