This Is Exactly What It’s Like Going to Weddings in Your 30s

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When I look back on my early 30s, I will always remember it as the time I used up most of my PTO days going to weddings. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE weddings. With all the responsibilities of adulthood (not to mention the horrific post-30 hangover), you just can’t party like you used to. But weddings give you a valid reason to take a break from your Netflix binge, put on a fancy dress, and dance the night away until 4 in the morning midnight (if you can make it that long).

That said, there comes a moment in every 30-something’s life when you’re at a wedding and time kind of just stands still. You suddenly realize you’re not super young anymore, but you’re not old, either. You’re stuck between the carefree days of yore and the important milestones that lie ahead. It’s both happy and sad at the same time, and suddenly your champagne tastes bittersweet. Never before has this feeling been so accurately depicted than in this viral YouTube video created by Andrew Stadelberger.

Set to “The Sound of Silence” by Simon and Garfunkel, this slo-mo video takes viewers into a wedding photo booth where Stadelberger and his friends are instructed to go wild for the camera. Most of them do (shout out to the girl in the middle for her epic hair flip at 0:47), except for Stadelberger, who experiences an all-too-real “this is 30” moment — paralized by the nowness of his life.

In an interview with TODAY, Stadelberger said the video was really just meant to make his friends laugh, but it has since taken on a deeper meaning.

"The title, 'This Is 30,' describes what it feels like to be at a wedding, kind of in between your party stage and wanting a little bit more,” he said. Aaand I know exactly what he means.

The video now has more than 800K views, which Stadelberger calls “surreal.” Though it's really no surprise this video has gone viral — there's a little bit of Andrew Stadelberger in all of us.

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