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Every bride wants to exude the most beautiful version of herself on her wedding day. It may be common knowledge to consume nutrient-rich foods for glowing skin and schedule hair and makeup trials well in advance. But beyond those simplistic beauty commandments, it can be overwhelming to navigate all of the prettifying options that exist for brides: Do I need to get monthly facials? How should I prep my hair for an updo come September? And what do I do about these nails?

The mental image of a couple hundred different gazes locked onto your every move should motivate you to establish a beauty countdown plan (and if it doesn't, we don't know what will). InStyle caught up with Adriana Goglas of the Sisley Spa in N.Y.C. to find out *exactly* which spa treatments you should be getting leading up to your big day. Contrary to popular belief, beauty prep should begin long before the morning of the wedding—six months before to be exact. This allows every bride to experience relaxation best fit for her individual needs.

To make this even easier for brides-to-be, the Sisley Spa has partnered with Yves Durif Salon to develop specific wedding packages for a six-month treatment ritual, three-month treatment ritual, day-of services, and post-wedding pampering. Their Wedding Bliss package includes every aspect of beauty that a bride may need—from a body polish massage and facial, to mani/pedi, makeup, and hair styling.

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Credit: Courtesy Sisley Spa

"Our Bride-To-Be Package allows the brides to take full advantage of our customizable services to help them prep for the wedding day as often as they like; they're offered a set of 10 services for each service within a three-month period," says Goglas.

This minimizes the stress of scheduling multiple services at different locations. With the Wedding Bliss package, a bride can truly relax and unwind—and it doesn't hurt that they can enjoy a glass of wine (or two).

"Depending on the type of person she is, she may desire a longer six-month plan to unwind her tense muscles and prepare her skin for the happy glow she will have on her big day," says Goglas. "As for the products, the Sisley line of skin care is the most natural skincare I have ever come across, and not only is it natural, it's effective as well, which has made it easy for me to fall in love with."

Goglas tells us that the most important beauty treatment for brides would have to be a facial and proper makeup.

"A bride cannot achieve the beautiful flawless makeup she desires unless she starts with her foundation. The skin on our faces is some of the most sensitive skin found on our whole body. It takes appropriate care and attention to maintain its health, radiance, and elasticity. Having a facial on the day of your wedding can help ensure your skin will be at its most radiant, which will in turn guarantee that your makeup will be flawless."

And the most important thing to remember? Stay true to your beauty regimen.

"Everyone is different. Everyone's skin is unique in every possible way," said Goglas. "From undertones to bone structure to skin type. You can try your hardest to replicate someone else's look but understand you cannot look the same—focus on your own beauty and the tricks that will enhance your own presence."

We've included the six-month beauty ritual guide below that includes spa treatments, bridal makeup, hair styling, and nail services to guarantee brides will look their best on the big day. With a little sprinkle of spa magic, we're sure you'll be feeling like a movie star—and camera-ready—in no time.

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Wedding Spa Treatment Timeline

6 Months Out:

-Skin care consultation

-Customized facial (one per month)

At Sisley, the recommended facials include the Phyto-Aromatic Brightening Facial, Expert Phyto-Aromatic Facial, Opulence Brightening Facial, and Rejuvenation Hydrating Facial.

-Massage (one per month)

At Sisley, the Swedish Massage is recommended

3 Months Out:

-Waxing treatment

-Massage (one per month)

-Customized facial (one per month)

-Manicures & pedicures (2 per month)

-Paraffin hand & foot treatment (2 per month)

-Color and cut consultation

-Hair and scalp conditioning treatment (series of 10)

Month of:

-Body polish

-Body treatment

At Sisley, the Phyto-Aromatic Exfoliating Body Treatment is recommended as it combines aromatherapy with a reinvigorating body scrub for skin that is soft and smooth to the touch.

-Sunless Tanning

At Sisley, this service is called the Sun without Sun Body Treatment and includes an energizing exfoliation that hydrates skin, leaving it with a uniform and glowing tan.

-Trial makeup and hairstyling


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Week of:

-Intraceuticals facial

At Sisley, it is recommended to try the Rejuvenation Hydrating Facial to restore complexion and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles or the Opulence Brightening Facial to balance uneven skin tones and give skin a vibrant look.

Day of:

-Massage or body treatment

At Sisley, the Urban Oasis body treatment is recommended to provide brides with luxury relaxation.


- Bridal makeup application

- Bridal hairstyling—with veil and accessories


-Couples massage

-Individual facials

The Phyto‑Aromatic Gentlemen's Facial for Grooms
The Expert Phyto-Aromatic Facial for Brides