Wedding Dress
Credit: madinashokirova/Instagram

In today’s super casual wedding news, a Russian woman named Madina Shokirova recently walked down the aisle wearing over half a million dollars on her back. The stunning off-the-shoulder gown was created by British designer Ralph & Russo and features hundreds of pearls and Swarovski crystals, natch. Take a look below and prepare to jaw drop (read: seethe with jealousy).

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According to Daily Mail, the bride is the daughter of Russian oil tycoon Ilkhom Shokirova and she lives a pretty fabulous life. Before her wedding—which, by the way, featured 900 guests and a 10-foot cake—Madina and her friends flew out to a Spanish resort on a private plane and proceeded to cruise around on a private yacht. As you do.

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Oh, in case you need proof of the 10-foot cake, here you go:

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And we can’t forget about the couple’s first dance, which was accompanied by professional dancers performing around them in perfect unison. We guess that's pretty impressive.

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Our invitations must have gotten lost in the mail.