Valentine Gestures Lead
Credit: Getty Images

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, Zola decided to poll 850 couples about what makes them swoon the most. Turns out, a box of roses and some jewelry can go a long way, just not as long as a romantic gesture. Here are five ideas to inspire your next gift that we swear will result in major brownie points.

1. Write a love note

This age-old tradition actually ranked as more romantic than getting “stuff.” You don’t need to be a poet, either. All you really need is a piece of paper—even Post-its will do—and a pen to jot down something as simple as “I love you.” Then leave it where you know they’ll find it, like their pillow, on the fridge, or even in their pocket.

2. Prepare a bath

Give the gift of relaxation. Welcome your partner home from work with a heated bath that you’ve spruced up with bubbles, lit candles, and their favorite cocktail. Bonus points if you can perform a shoulder rub too.

3. Create a wishlist

Think of all the things you want to do with your partner in crime—the countries you want to visit, the restaurants you want to go to, the concerts you want to see, all of it. Then present the list to them. They’ll be touched by all that thinking and dreaming of what you’ll do together.

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4. Wining and dining together

Or stay in. We’ve seen a giant uptick in couples who register for experiences they can share with their partner. Consider signing up for Blue Apron's two-person meal plan and a subscription to Winc, so you can drink up, cook up, and eat up all while getting some quality time together.

5. Surprise getaway

Catch your significant other totally off-guard with a last-minute getaway. Pack their bags for them and secure the car and Airbnb, so that all she or he has to do is enjoy the spontaneity and relax.