This Is the Number One Regret Newlywed Couples Have

Wedding Regrets
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Dear brides-to-be, you are probably about to spend a lot of money on your big day, but before you sign all the checks and finalize your plans, you may want to pay close attention to what more than 750 couples told Zola about their wedding-planning regrets.

According to a survey just released by the registry site, 35 percent of those interviewed said they wished they had hired a videographer to document their most special day. And when it comes to the top three wedding elements couples wished they had spent more resources on, again, their videographer and photographer take the leading spots, followed closely by their wedding planner or day-of coordinator.

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"Your wedding day can go by so quickly. The best way to savor everything is to hire a videographer," said Jennifer Spector of Zola. "Your photographer might already have a videographer on their team or recommend someone they like working with to help capture the big day. That way you can focus on the celebration and relive the details for years to come!"

Seventeen percent of couples also said they shouldn't have stressed that much about hiring "the perfect vendors." Instead, focus on finding the ideal venue, because the survey shows that newly-engaged couples deemed it "the most important element during the planning process" as well as the factor that made their wedding "truly unforgettable." You will also likely spend a huge chunk of your budget on it, so take your time with picking a good spot for your nuptials and reception.

And if you don't want to have any spending regrets later, don't invest that much in flowers and decor—or hair and makeup. Together with catering, these are the three things couples wished they had spent less on.

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