Ain't no wedding like a Russian oligarch's wedding. 
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Three couture gowns, $200,000-worth of jewelry, Maroon 5, a flower wall made out of thousands of blooms...should we keep going or you already got the picture?

Apparently, when Sargis Karapetyan married his bride Salome Kintsurashvili, the wedding budget wasn't really an issue for the groom's father and he spared no expense to give the happy couple the wedding of their dreams.

Held in one of Moscow's most luxurious venues, Safisa, the nuptials were attended by a slew of Russian, Armenian, and Georgian socialites, politicians and celebs (including the President of Armenia).

Speaking of celebs, the couple reportedly paid between $500K and $800K to have Maroon 5 entertain their guests. So, yes, there were plenty of selfie opportunities with Adam Levine at this wedding.

The gorgeous bride wore three couture gowns, including an Elie Saab number estimated to cost $35,000 and Tiffany jewelry worth a couple of hundred thousand dollars (#casual).

And wait until you see the cake below—we guarantee your jaw will drop.

There is nothing else left to say except congrats to the happy couple and we hope we get an invitation to their next family celebration.

The Decor:

The Cake:

The Bride:

The Band:

The Bride and Groom: