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Coronavirus Could Change the Wedding Industry For Years
A pandemic just isn't a part of even the most organized bride's plans. Here's how some are coping, and what COVID-19 will mean for the wedding industry long after the quarantine is lifted.
5 Wedding Myths Debunked By Someone Who Plans Events For a Living
If you think it's easier to plan a wedding when you plan events for a living, think again. Juliette Caspi, a PR Executive responsible for some of our favorite jewelers including Anita Ko and Alison Lou knows this first hand.  Her day job set her up nicely for party prep: she knew all of the vendors. She understood how much things "should" cost. And of course, she had major connections to jewelers. But there were a plethora of myths that even she needed to learn were inaccurate. Here, she breaks doing the five biggest wedding myths that were debunked during her planning.
These 16 Engagements That Took Place at Disney Will Make You Want to Fall in Love
Is Disney really the happiest place on Earth? If you ask these 16 couples, the answer is a resounding yes. From Disney World to Disneyland, Animal Kingdom to Epcot, and of course Cinderella's castle, these happy couples officially committed to one another at one of Walt Disney's many parks, with fireworks, screams, and plenty of photographs. For some, it's what their dream proposal had looked like since childhood. And for others, the moment came unexpectedly. VIDEO: Celebrity Reactions to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's Engagement One thing's for sure: all of these couples will forever return to Disney and relive their epic engagement stories. Scroll down to see how their most cherished moments together went down.

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