You've heard of 27 Dresses—but this takes it to a whole new level.

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Jen Glantz has a new take on the wedding industry: professional bridesmaid. That's right, this gal has been worked 65 nuptials across the country for complete strangers, and is there to help brides feel more at ease and keep the craziness at bay.

The 28-year-old founded Bridesmaid For Hire after originally receiving overwhelming feedback from women thanks to a Craigslist ad offering up her expertise.

2 years-ago today, I didn't have a clue what I was doing when I posted that Craigslist ad. I was sick of being the perpetual bridesmaid for my friends. My roommate called me a professional bridesmaid. I had a lousy Friday night. I came home and posted the ad and went to sleep. I didn't tell anyone. I didn't think I ever would. 730 days later, I've walked down the aisle and stood by the side of strangers. I've picked up the phone, for people i've never met in person, when they called at1:30am with a case of cold feet. I've picked brides up from the literal ground when they drank too much at their wedding, even when their groom-to-be backed out of getting married last minute. I've told my story on over 500 media outlets. I wrote a book. I toyed with the idea of a TV show. I was on a game show (that airs tomorrow night) called To Tell the Truth. I accused Steve Harvey of hitting on me, in front of a studio audience. But none of this is about any of that. This is about what those brides did to my life. How they helped me learn things about love that I never would have learned on my own. Everything breaks, even your heart, when you're a 20-something hopeless romantic, always a bridesmaid, always going on a first date. These brides have shattered my idea that the perfect person is someone we just stumble upon when we least expect them to pop into our lives. Love, they have shown me, isn't a fairytale. It's a freaking fight. Anyway, I'm rambling. Love makes me do that. So does this job. 2-years-ago I posted an ad on Craigslist and I went to sleep. That was the last night I slept well in 730 days. That ad became my life, my source of income, my reason to get out of bed in the morning and work hard to make my mark on the world. I don't know if being a professional bridesmaid was my true-calling in life. Maybe there's no such thing. Maybe we're supposed to be 15 different things or fall in love 15 times before we figure it all out. Or maybe we never do. I'm just so thankful to the people in the past 2 years who called me crazy. Because they're right. You have to be crazy to believe in something, with your entire heart, that you invented by accident.

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Glantz told This Morning that brides hire her to "step in and so some of the dirty work" or they want to "feel confident and stress-free on their wedding [day]." Her duties are normally to help out as the bridesmaid but sometimes finds herself helping out with keeping the groom and his groomsmen in line, too.

They might be total strangers at first, but Glantz doesn't fake a friendship with the bride and groom—noting that this isn't a Rent-a-Friend situation.

"I don't show up and pretend to be your friend," she admitted. "We do actually get to know each other and often times we spend anywhere from a year to three months before your wedding actually building that friendship."

Glantz is open about having dealt with bridezillas in the past, but said she "can't even blame them" because she knows just how insane the wedding process is. "I'm a very peaceful person and I don't let stress bother me so I think that's why I have a great personality for this job," she added. "I take it lightly and I'm not phased by a bridezilla."

Not being married yet—though in a relationship and working towards marriage—Glantz doesn't see an over-the-top wedding in her future and claimed it will be very "laid back" where everyone will "just have pizza." We approve!