11 Pretty Poolside Weddings on Pinterest That Will Make You Swoon

*Bathing suit optional.

Poolside Wedding
Photo: Getty

Nothing says summer like a pool party (ask Taylor Swift), but what if you could turn your outdoor soiree into a chic wedding? It's totally possible, and we have proof in the form of Pinterest. Pools actually make a *lovely* focal point during an outdoor ceremony, and—with the right accessories—they're a) a designer dream come true, and b) a total wedding do. Get inspired with the pins below.

1. Floating Candles Are Your Friend

If your pool doesn't have floating candles in it, you're not truly living life.

2. On That Note, So Are Floating Bubbles

Basically, things that float = pool wedding goals.

3. Worried About People Falling In?

Line the edge of your pool with candles so your drunk uncle doesn't end up soaking wet.

4. Need an Altar? The Pool Has You Covered

Placing the altar at the edge of the pool makes for glorious pictures. Just watch your step.

5. Rep Your Wedding Hashtag with Floating Floral Monograms

This is a must. And pro tip: string your flowers together so they don't float off in a million directions. Though, on that note...

6. Scattered Buds Aren't a Bad Idea

See? Couldn't be more simple.

7. When in Doubt, Rent Some Fiber Optic Lights

Throw them on the floor of your pool and voila! U=You have a magical fairy pond.

8. Or, Get Your Petal On

On a budget? Buy petals (high quality silk ones work well for this option) and scatter them around the pool. Elegant and effortless.

9. Go Ahead and Curate Your Pool Corners

Another way to make a statement without breaking the budget is to limit your pool arrangements to one area, like the chic design above.

10. Just Say Yes to Inflatable Swans

It's just not a pool party without them, and they make for an A+ Instagram.

11. Go Back to Basics with Inflatable Balloons

If flowers and candles aren't doing it for you, pick out some balloons in your color scheme and throw them in the pool for some easy decor.

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