How to Get Pippa Middleton's Fresh Wedding Day Look

Photo: Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty

One of our favorite celebrity events (so far) this year has been the wedding of Pippa Middleton and James Matthews. The nuptials which the British press dubs "society wedding of 2017" were really the epitome of English elegance. Her gorgeous dress aside, we were especially fond of the bride's fresh beauty look—a chic hairstyle paired with natural makeup. It really doesn't get any more sophisticated than that so we decided to revisit Pippa's big day and give you the lowdown on how to re-create her pretty look.

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The Hair

"Curl your hair with a curling iron for volume using texture spray. I like Kenra’s Dry Texture Spray 6," says Juree, a bridal hair stylist at Page Beauty. "Separate the front and side sections out, and tease the top crown of the head. Then pin it back like a half up pony."

Next up, section the bottom half of your hair into three sections, tease the middle one and roll it into a bun to use as a base. Separate the last two bottom sections horizontally, creating four sections with a bun in the middle. Lightly tease each one of them and make a twist braid with each section.

Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty

Loosen each twist braid for definition, then roll them up onto your base (the middle bun) and secure with pins. Now work the front of the hair in a similar manner—first, part as desired and then lightly tease the section with the most hair, wrapping it across the head on top of the bun. Repeat with the last side section and finish the look with Kenra’s Volume Spray 25 hairspray.

The Makeup

After prepping your skin with some moisturizer, apply a luminous foundation such as Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk, suggests makeup artist Archangela Chelsea Yusuf.

"Never forget to apply concealer. Pippa Middleton's look is really fresh. Therefore, make sure to get rid of all of the dark circles using NARS Creamy Concealer," she says.

To keep it looking natural, don't overdo it in the contouring department—a little bit of Stila's Convertible Color on the apple of the cheeks will do. You can also add some highlighter on your cheek bones and the bridge of the nose.

Use soft matte brown shadow on the eyes and some waterproof mascara on the lashes. Brush your eyebrows and, if need be, fill them in just a little bit. Lastly, use pinkish lip cream to finish the look.

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