Seriously, who let the dogs out? Because they win at life.

By Carson Blackwelder
Updated Aug 26, 2016 @ 2:15 pm

What can take a normal wedding and push it over the top? A pup, of course.

To celebrate National Dog Day (#NationalDogDay, for those of you social media fiends), we're treating you to 11 of the most adorable snapshots of pooches who are living their best lives—maybe even better than the bride and groom themselves—while their humans get hitched.

Soak up all the four-legged fun going on in these photos and prepare your body for canine overdose:

This dog who thought "you may now kiss the bride" was for him.

This dog who is clearly the coolest guest in attendance.

This dog who stole the limelight from its owners with one majestic lick.

These dogs who are just done.

This dog who is clearly the third wheel but doesn't care.

This dog who is just SO happy to be there.

This dog who has a very important message.

This dog who is all for one and one for all.

These dogs who look like they're the stars of a rom-com.

This dog who is a pro at photobombing.

This dog who is cutting in on the fun.