Want Great Wedding Photos? Here's How to Make Your Photographer's Job Easier

Photo: Jose Villa

After many months of stressful planning, you'll be surprised how quickly your wedding actually comes and goes. Because at the end of the day, this is what it's all about—eight to 12 hours of festivities that will be over before you know it. What is left (except bills) are your memories and wedding photographs.

We are sure that hiring an amazing wedding photographer is at the top of your to-do list and rightfully so. Find someone whose artistic aesthetic will match your vision and who you feel comfortable with. And while we certain sure you will choose a talented photographer, he or she is not a magician. If you want to get truly beautiful photos, you will need to work together on your wedding day to make sure everything goes smoothly for him or her.

We spoke to several professional wedding photographers and asked them what are the things they want every couple to know so they can do their job better.

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1. Start planning early

"Setting up an engagement session is key to making the whole wedding day run a lot easier for your photographer. This will help get any uncomfortableness out of the way. This will allow you to see how the photographer is behind the camera, and they get to see how you are in front of it," says Jose Villa.

He also suggests having your photographer shoot your rehearsal dinner, which will help them get to know the key "players" of your wedding day.

Jose Villa

2. Prepare everything in advance

"I need the dress, suit, invitations, any paper goods, bride and grooms shoes, tie/bow tie, jewelry and any other details they may have for me to take photos of and I get there at least one hour in advance to start taking the detail shots before taking any other photos," says Sanaz Riggio of Sanaz Photography.

She says it's always a good idea to ask your officiant to let everyone know before the ceremony that they need to turn off their phones. That way no one will get in the way of your videographer and photographer.

3. Take your time getting ready

"Schedule to have plenty of time for putting on the dress. We love to capture the bride surrounded by her bridesmaids and mother during this once in a lifetime moment. Little details like the bride being helped into her dress by her mother, the bride putting on her jewelry and seeing herself in the mirror as a bride for the first time are so special and should never be rushed," add Marlene and John Koman of Koman Photography.

And since great lightning is the main "ingredient" for a good photograph, make sure your getting-ready location offers an abundance of natural light.

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