This Musical Chairs Proposal Will Melt Even the Coldest of Hearts

Wedding - Engagement Lead
Photo: Getty Images/RooM RF

When you’re one of the last two people left in a game of musical chairs, it can be pretty darn stressful. There can only be one winner, right? Not in the case of newly-engaged couple Jasmine Baker and Nate Pacius, who are both celebrating a victory today!

So how did this epic proposal go down? When Baker took the last seat in the game, Pacius surprised his lady by dropping to one knee while Beyonce’s “Love on Top” played. She thought he was just being gracious about his loss, but in reality he was about to pull out a diamond ring and propose to his longtime GF. When Baker realized what was happening, she pretty much lost it — and so did the crowd!

During the proposal, Pacius said it was the “longest week ever” planning everything. “You’re so nosy,” he teased. But then he got down to business…

“I'm just starstruck. You're beautiful, you're down with me for all the good and bad, always loved me 100 percent, you made me a better man, you love me, you did everything for me…” he said. “Whatever it takes, you always made sure you had my back. You've never given up one us. You need someone that will love you, someone that will always let you grow, and someone that will be by your side. So will you let me be that person? Will you marry me?”

Spoiler alert: She said yes!

Check out the video below. And don't worry — we won't judge you for tearing up.

Oh, and you know what made the day even more exciting? Both Baker and Pacius were celebrating their college graduations. It’s safe to say it’s only the beginning for this incredible couple, and we wish them all the best!

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