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If you've just gotten engaged and are still living in the happy bubble of post-engagement bliss, great, but you may be in for a rude wake-up call pretty soon. Sorry to ruin it for you, but wedding planning is no walk in the park. But don't take our word for it.

According to a new report by Zola, that surveyed 500 recently engaged or newlywed couples across the nation, a whopping 96 percent of them admitted that wedding planning is stressful, with almost half of those people using the words "very" or "extremely" to describe it. Apparently, the biggest culprit there is creating and sticking to the budget. It is closely followed by perfection ("to look your best and host an Instagram-worthy event"), and disagreements with parents, in-laws, and even your S.O.

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In fact, for some couples, wedding planning was such an agony that they thought it was worse than public speaking, buying a new home, or applying to college. Naturally, some people cracked under the pressure and considered calling off the whole event or eloping. A quarter of the surveyed brides and grooms had, at some point, a Bonnie and Clyde moment and wanted to take the money and run away. We don't blame you, by the way.

Unfortunately, just like any stress-inducing life event, there are some real physical consequences to wedding planning. Eighty-six percent of couples experienced three or more stress-related symptoms such as elevated anxiety, headaches, or difficulty sleeping. Some even reported breakouts and hair loss.

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