If you want a Princess Bride-themed wedding, it'll cost ya!

By Carson Blackwelder
Updated Aug 23, 2016 @ 3:30 pm

We all love on-screen weddings in movies—that's just a fact. But just how much would these fictional nuptials cost IRL if you wanted to take the silver screen inspiration and turn it into your own special day? Well, the answer might surprise you.

Ebates did a study and figured out how much these iconic "I do" moments would have set back the characters in their respective time periods and specific locales.

The cheapest example here would be the 1999 exchange of vows in Kill Bill coming in at just $500. While you might think Uma Thurman—aka The Bride or Beatrix Kiddo—deserves better, just recall that assassins did shoot up the chapel and she landed in a four-year coma.

The most expensive example, on the other hand, cost quite the pretty penny. This time the honor goes to The Princess Bride which took place in the Renaissance Era and totals up to 20,000 ducats—with those little gold coins equaling just under $3 million today.

Now, taking into consideration the attendance, there's a slight change in the ranks. If you take the average cost per guest at $68 each, Kill Bill still takes the lowest spot at $748, but the grandest occasion changes to The Godfather—with a big crowd thanks to the Corleone family's mob ties—which would have the price tag of $37,400.

Given the fact that The Godfather is the only marriage to have actually been successfully completed during the movie—Kill Bill and The Princess Bride weren't so lucky—those dollars were well spent. The same cannot be said for the others, though.