It's not what you think... 

Viral Wedding Anniversary FB Post - LEAD
Credit: DaleJPartridge/Facebook

Everyone knows that marriage is a huge commitment. When you say your wedding vows, you’re promising to love, honor, and cherish the same person for the rest of your life. However, a man named Dale Partridge recently offered a different perspective in a Facebook post that went viral...

According to Partridge, he didn’t marry “only one woman”—he married a complex, multi-faceted person who continually evolves, grows, and challenges him in new and exciting ways. And by keeping his eyes open, he has been able to continually discover and appreciate new things about the woman he calls his wife.

Read his full post below about his wife Veronica and prepare to feel all the feelings:

Partridge, who is an author and entrepreneur, also offered up some great advice about the importance of apologizing. But a true apology is more than just empty words.

#DaleWisdom just became our new favorite hashtag.