Lady Gaga Said the Sweetest Thing to a Pair of Newlyweds in Central Park

Leave it to Mother Monster.

Lady Gaga - LEAD
Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Lady Gaga has been very busy lately with all the promotion around her latest album, Joanne, but that didn't stop her from making dreams come true. The "A-YO" singer came across a wedding in Central Park and did what any good celeb is supposed to do: crashed it.

Lady Gaga Wedding Crasher - Embed
James Devaney/GC Images

The 30-year-old multihyphenate was visiting Strawberry Fields—the area memorializing John Lennon—when the Japanese newlyweds caught her eye. Despite the language barrier, the bride's love for Lady Gaga is clearly universal.

The most adorable moment came after Gaga and the couple shared a congratulatory hug and took a few photos to mark the occasion. The superstar—clad in a head-to-toe pink ensemble—then told the fans a very important (and timely) lesson: "All you need is love."

After all of the commotion, Lady Gaga made an impromptu exit on the back of a fan's bicycle.

This is just the latest occurrence of celebs making surprise appearances at weddings—or the events that go along with them—with Tom Hanks crashing a couple's photoshoot in Central Park while he was out for a run and Bradley Cooper stumbling upon a family friend's wedding and catching the bouquet.

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