at Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center on December 5, 2011 in New York City.
Credit: Marc Stamas/Getty Images

Kelly Ripa and her husband Marc Consuelos are probably the cutest (and best looking) couple on TV these days. So the fact that they just celebrated their 20th year wedding anniversary is not really surprising to us. But it hasn't always been a smooth ride for those two.

To commemorate the special occasion, Ripa and Consuelos shared with the viewers of her morning show an old video of them talking about how their love story started. Apparently, a few days before they got engaged, the two weren't even talking to each other. Fortunately, though they made up.

“We went for a walk in the park. I convinced her to come back to my apartment,” Consuelos recalls in the clip. “We had pizza and wine and I asked her to marry me.”

Ripa continues: “And I said, ‘Ask me when you’re serious.’ And he said, ‘I am serious. Let’s go to Vegas tomorrow and get married.’ …I said yes.”

This puts your year-long efforts to plan a wedding in perspective, doesn't it? And wait until you see her reaction when they visit the same chapel they got married in 20 years ago. You'll be running for the tissues.