By Andrea Cheng
Updated Oct 13, 2016 @ 1:45 pm
Karl Lagerfeld Engagement Rings - LEAD
Credit: Antonio de Moraes Barros Filho/WireImage

Karl Lagerfeld is the man behind Chanel, Fendi, and his own label. He films and directs his campaigns, and he takes care of his beloved pet Choupette's line of merch. In short, the guy is busy. But that hasn't stopped him from tapping into the bridal market. He's designed wedding dresses for couture, but during Bridal Fashion Week, Lagerfeld has launched a range of engagement rings and wedding bands for the first time—three themed collections and one limited edition ring.

"Karl resonates with the millennial consumers and right now, the millennial consumers are getting married," says Allison Goodman, the VP of Merchandising at Karl Lagerfeld. "It's his first venture into jewelry."

Goodman, who worked closely with Lagerfeld on the designs, walks us through each collection. Take a closer look at select pieces, below (and if you want to make a not-so-subtle hint, Pin them and leave it on your screen).

The Pyramid Collection

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"This one plays with one of his iconic signatures—the pyramid," Goodman says. "So you'll see pyramids all down the shank, in the gallery, bordered by halos, and even on top of the prongs. It’s all about the finite details—there are no details left out.

The Geo-Inspired Collection

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"This one is all about the geometric shapes. So for example, you might have a round center diamond, but it won't look like it's round," Goodman says. "There are hexagon halos, ovals. And if you turn it on the side, you'll see that the stone sits on top of a knife-edged collar, which is representative of Karl's collar."

The Arch-Inspired Collection

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"This one is inspired by Parisian architecture, so Notre Dame, and all of its open archways," Goodman says. "The open space is intentional, allowing light to flow through and highlight the diamond. It also features eight prongs to accentuate the roundness of the diamond."

The Les Coeurs Entrelacés Limited Edition Ring

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A central marquise diamond unites two diamond-encrusted hearts, forming an incredibly unique engagement ring—only three were made.