Phone Wedding Photos Lead
Credit: Benj Haisch

The days of being confined to using an expensive wedding photographer and elaborate equipment to capture your wedding may be a thing of the past. Many couples are choosing to capture their special moment long before the wedding photos come back weeks later. Instead, they’re breaking the news of their walk down the aisle with social media. But those Insta pics can be stunningly beautiful as well if you know how to take them. Below, photographer Benj Haisch shares his tips for capturing beautiful photography right from your phone. And yes, these pics were all shot using an iPhone. Hard to believe, right?

1. Put the sun behind your subject.

Putting the sun behind your subject is one of the best ways to get really even, flattering, and airy light. You’ll probably have to tap and hold on your subject in the camera to get the proper exposure, but when you do, it can look amazing. There is nothing worse than bad light/shadows across someone’s face.

2. Watch out for distracting backgrounds

Phone Wedding Photos 2
Credit: Benj Haisch

One of the easiest things that people can do to make better photos is to make sure there aren’t a ton of distracting things sticking out of people’s heads. Putting your subjects above or below the horizon is also something to look out for. No one wants it to look like they’ve got something growing out of their head in a photo.

3. Use Portrait Mode

Phone Wedding Photos 4
Credit: Benj Haisch

The iPhone 7 Plus has an amazing feature in its second camera where it gives the appearance of shallow depth of field that can help to isolate your subjects by softening the background with a nice blur.

4. Get tall

Phone Wedding Photos 1
Credit: Benj Haisch

If you're trying to fit a lot of people into a group photo, try layering people and taking the photo with your iPhone over your head. There is nothing worse than being in a photo where someone else's face is blocking your own.

5. Get pro colors while shooting with an app called Filmborn.

Phone Wedding Photos 5
Credit: Benj Haisch

With most apps, you shoot your photos and then put filters on them after. With Filmborn, I’m able to apply the filter as I’m shooting and see exactly what the colors will look like as I take the photo. That means I spend less time editing my photos afterwards and more time hanging with friends/family at weddings I’m able to simply attend.

6. Find some shade

Phone Wedding Photos 3
Credit: Benj Haisch

On a sunny day, photos look great if you have sunglasses, but if you don't have them, take photos in the shade will give you some relief from the heat and give your eyes a break from squinting. Just watch out for the sun coming through tree branches to avoid photos looking blotchy.

Benj Haisch is a wedding & elopement photographer based in Seattle, WA focusing on documenting incredible moments in amazing locations.