Brings You 30 Days Of Weddings

Photo: Joel and Justyna

June is widely recognized as the most popular wedding month of the year and who can blame the gazillion brides and grooms that lock in their dates for an early summer event? The weather is most likely primo (warm enough to bare those shoulders without a chill and but not so sweltering that guests will be melting under the sun at that the picturesque outdoor wedding that was perfectly planned) and everyone has vacationing and having fun on the brain.

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We too are as excited as ever to embrace the high season of nuptials so we are dedicating ourselves to delivering 30 days of stellar wedding content throughout this month. Check back regularly for diverse beauty, fashion, decor, and etiquette tips (especially if you’re preparing to walk down the aisle yourself) and feel free to give us a shout if you have any burning questions of your own.

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