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Building a cult-favorite guided meditation app doesn't happen overnight. For Headspace founder Andy Puddicombe, it came after a 10-year trip around the world and his ordination as a monk. It's no surprise, then, that he has a mindfulness technique for all of life's challenges, including wedding planning. "Having a mini meditation up your sleeve on your wedding day is a must," he says. "The breath is always a good anchor when life feels too much, so find a quiet spot—even if it means skipping off to the restroom—and give yourself 60 seconds to unwind. Here, Puddicombe shares the best way to calm your nerves before the ceremony.

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1. Take a deep breath in through your nose; exhale through your mouth.

2. Close your eyes and allow your breath to return to normal.

3. Place your hand on your stomach and follow the natural rhythm of your breath.

4. When your mind gets distracted, gently bring the attention back to your breath.

5. When you feel ready, open your eyes again.

6. Repeat as needed throughout married life.

—With reporting by Catherine Dash.