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Let me start off by saying that the high-waist brief used to be my least favorite shapewear piece. I found them so unappealing and unsexy. (Think Renee Zellweger in Briget Jones’s Diary.)

Then I was introduced to this high waisted beauty from DKNY. Not only are they gorgeous with those mesh inserts but they’re actually functional! The inserts gently pull you in while the front panels handled what I set out to get handled (that tummy!) And let’s not forget the butt—oh, the firming wonders. Thanks to a smoothing back panel and ruching at the bottom, I looked like I've been doing squatrs for six months. Love it!

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These help create that Marilyn Monroe hourglass shape that is to die for! The waistband has a comfortable silicone band that doesn’t cause irritation. I’ve had cases were the rubber has actually burned my skin but not here. The silicone just adds extra hold and stops the band from any rolling.

With a shaping brief, the thigh opening is also important, as some can strangle the thigh or crotch (ouch!) These mold to your thighs in a way I haven’t quite seen before. It fits snug without the strangle feel and makes the fit almost feel custom to you.

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