Close-up of a bride holding a bouquet of flowers
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Flowers are an essential part of your wedding décor and having beautiful floral arrangements on your big day is a must. Unfortunately, your wedding budget can easily tank, if you choose blossoms that are not in season. So, instead of having your favorite tulips delivered from the Netherlands, be open to using flowers and foliage that are grown locally and available during the season of your nuptials.

Here, we rounded up the most popular wedding flowers for summer, spring, fall, and winter, and asked two experts to share their tips for choosing the best stems for your big day.

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Getting hitched during the coldest months of the year doesn’t mean your flower choices have to be limited or boring. Au contraire. Want a pop of color in your wintry floral decor? Opt for red dogwood stems or ranunculuses.

Or transform your reception venue into a winter wonderland with pinecones, greenery, and seeded eucalyptus. “I love crisp white flowers in the winter. My favorites are amaryllis, nerine lilies, and snowberries,” says Meredith Perez, co-founder and creative director of New York’s Belle Fleur. But she also adds that you should be mindful of the weather conditions on your wedding day.

“Flowers are perishable, some more so than others, select flowers that will be sturdy enough to hold up from your first look to hours later when you float down the aisle,” Perez explains.


It is the time of the year when nature treats us to colorful blooms and you should take full advantage of that. Pretty pink hydrangeas and orchids, tulips in a variety of colors, and purple anemones are only a few of your seasonal options.

Celebrity florist Eddie Zaratsian prefers cherry blossoms, snowball Viburnum, and lily of the valley. Whatever you end up picking, though, don’t go overboard with the floral variety.

“Don’t mix in many different flowers. Not only does the design change but you also add most cost to your budget,” Zaratsian says. Oh, and while we are at it, both Perez and Zaratsian agree on one thing: Listen to your floral designer and stay away from any DIY projects when it comes to your floral arrangements. After all, they are the professionals.


It’s no wonder that summer is the favorite season of couples to get married—long warm sunny days and clear blue skies allow for beautiful ceremonies. And if you, like me, consider sunflowers the most gorgeous plants ever created, this is your best chance to get them. There is something very romantic and cheerful about them that would make any wedding unforgettable.

Zaratsian says he loves using lavender, herbs, and fruits in his summer floral arrangements which sounds like pure magic to us.

And if it happens to be extremely hot on the day of your nuptials, consider ordering an extra bouquet. “If you are taking photos outside and it's a very hot summer day, perhaps order an identical bridal bouquet, one for photos and one for the ceremony,” says Perez.


This is the season that treats us to fiery reds, joyful oranges, and gorgeous purples. Think mums, dahlias, chrysanthemums, and chocolate cosmos (we promise we did not make this one up). If you are planning a classic wedding, opt for a beautiful arrangement of roses. The good news about them, says Zaratsian, is that they do well without water for a few hours. “Don't use delicate blooms that will wilt after not being in the water for a long period of time,” he suggests.

Incredibly useful tip: Always store your personal bouquets in a dark and cool area of your bridal suite, keeping them away from hairdryers and windowsills, adds Perez. Only take them out when absolutely needed (pre-ceremony shots, for example), and return them to their safe packaging.